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Greening the Races

Sustainability Commitment of the Toronto Women’s Run Series

The Toronto Women’s Run Series once again achieved our sustainability certification from Athletes for a Fit Planet for all three of our races. More than 80% of you, our athletes, told us that this was an important component to our races.

We will continue to enhance and profile our sustainability efforts in order to achieve our sustainability certification from Athletes for a Fit Planet once again.

What you will see at the Toronto Women’s Run Series:

  • 100% ONLINE REGISTRATION: By requiring our participants to register online, we reduce paper waste as we do not produce paper entry forms nor do we mail out registration forms.
  • 80% NON-PAPER COMMUNICATION: At least 80% of all marketing and athlete communications are facilitated through email or website updates.
  • PROVIDE RECYCLABLE AND/OR REUSABLE RACE BAGS: Last year, more than 60% of our race bags were reusable. We remain committed to increasing that number to a minimum of 80%.
On Race Day
  • RECYCLING FROM START TO FINISH: Thanks to everyone’s efforts, the park was left in pristine condition last year. City staff were amazed at how little waste we created. We continually strive to reach this same level of cleanliness. There will be recycling bins throughout the park and at every aid station. All stations will recycle cardboard, paper, plastic and other materials. At the party site, we will also have “green” bins.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PORTABLE TOILETS: All the port-o-johns at the start, finish, and along the course will be earth friendly. That means no formaldehyde, chlorine or other toxic chemicals. Even the hand soap and paper are toxin-free and biodegradable.
  • HUMAN POWERED VEHICLES: All lead and pace vehicles, police, medical staff and zone directors will be on bicycles covering the route and ensuring the race is progressing safely and smoothly.
  • RACE SIGNAGE: All signage is reused at each race in the series.
  • RIDE YOUR BIKE: The park is centrally located and there are plenty of bike racks at the start/finish line to securely lock your bike up to. We have a bag check as well as temporary change tents. Think of it as a great way to warm-up and cool down after the race.
  • RIDE THE TTC: The Eglinton Avenue East bus stops right across the street from the start line. Ride the Rocket to and from the race. Visit www.ttc.ca for more information.
  • RACE SIGNAGE: All signage is reused at each race in the series.